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Virtual Business Support
For Busy Entrepreneurs

Reduce Your Workload

Focus On Your Business

Save Money And Time


Are you a business owner who could use an extra set of hands?

With years of experience in Event Management, Administration and Customer Service Management, I am dedicated to assisting business owners and busy professionals with their business needs by providing professional administrative online support.


I perform a wide range of administrative and organisational tasks, providing support, either on an ongoing basis or simply for one-off tasks.

With my friendly and flexible approach, you will receive peace of mind that I'll be carrying out those jobs with the utmost efficiency. ​ 

Assisting you with day to day tasks and projects to help you focus on your business

Christina is a wonderful lady to work with.

She’s methodical and thorough with every task that she undertakes and with a wealth of knowledge and experience that means she can handle anything. Christina is someone you’d want with you in a crisis, whether real or paper-based

Stephanie Bonnie, AcoLITE

Let's discuss how I can support you and your business

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