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The services I offer will be tailored and designed specifically around your needs. 
We can initially discuss your requirements and identify areas specific to you, to either help you manage and grow your business in the right direction or to support your personal requirements. 

I understand that every client’s needs are completely different which is why I am flexible and will fit in with you and your business goals.


I look after all the administrative tasks you need to keep your business organised so you can focus on your business.


Client satisfaction is an important aspect for every business. I can help  improve your customers’ experiences.

Minimal Office

Whether you have an event to plan, have been asked to attend or speak at a seminar, I can help with all the logistics.

Christina is a wonderful lady to work with.

She’s methodical and thorough with every task that she undertakes and with a wealth of knowledge and experience that means she can handle anything. Christina is someone you’d want with you in a crisis, whether real or paper-based

Stephanie Bonnie, AcoLITE


Let's discuss how I can support you and your business

Christina Schoeman Virtual Business Assistant
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